Our trained and experienced Chef, Brian Rideout, prepares a daily three course lunch for our guests.


three guiding principles

Three guiding principles help us ensure the best possible nutrition and meals for our tenants:

  • Source the freshest ingredients possible

  • Purchase locally-grown produce and meats

  • Consult a nutritionist to ensure that our menus are nutritionally balanced


custom menus

Although we do have set menus, we are happy to accommodate the unique dietary needs and preferences of our guests. We can accommodate all diets, including heart health friendly, and diabetic, taking sure to make us aware of any allergies. 

Our dining staff get to know our tenants very well and will come to know their preferences, whether they like milk in their tea or have a sensitivity to an ingredient.


feel at home

We have a lovely and welcoming dining room where we encourage socialization and interaction among our residents to make it a more pleasurable experience. A private dining room is also available for you to entertain your guests or to have us cater your special event.